Dinner set menus

banquet for $69.50 per person (min 6 persons)

braised octopus w/ chillied cucumber kimchi

three chilli relish prawns with hand-made noodles

seared white fish w/ green chilli sesame and potato

spicy duck stir fry

spicy and numbing sesame chicken

Chinese greens

crunchy local vegetables w/ Yunnan chilli jam


degustation for $82 per person (min 2 persons)

Scallops with prawn roe noodles and bean paste pesto

prawns w/ 3 chilli relish

crabmeat croquette w/ smoked portobello

Xian style spiced duck

braised oxtail with port, cardamom & lemongrass

crunchy local vegetables w Yunnan chilli jam



Restaurant fully licensed, with an extensive wine list and matching wine tastings. BYO bottled wines only, corkage $15 per bottle.

Due to unforeseeable changes in our restaurants circumstances, contents provided here may not reflect 100% of what is on offer at each individual restaurant. Please call the corresponding restaurant to confirm most update information.