Our Story

Malamay’s modern Asian cuisine draws inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of the Great West of China. The heady aromas and vibrant colours of the food are at once rich, earthy, warm and sensual. These same qualities are beautifully reflected in the decor, using a glamorous combination of a Black Bamboo forest setting and 1930s Shanghai style monkey-patterned woodwork.

Located in the Burbury Hotel, at the heart of the Barton Hub, Malamay is the Chairman Group’s latest venture, opening its doors in 2012. It is a collaborative effort from the Canberra team, with the support of the Michelin-starred ‘Chairman’ restaurant in Hong Kong.

The Great West of China is  a vast area, with an enormous wealth of ethnic, geographic and cultural influences. The cuisine hence derives from this rich fabric of internal diversity, as well as influences from the many bordering regions. The chefs at Malamay draw inspiration from the fresh herbs and pickles from the South, the quintessential chillies, bean pastes and smoking techniques of Sichuan and the spices, slow cooked stews and roast meats from the far West.

Be delightfully surprised by the exquisite yet playful presentation and the unique combinations of textures and flavours. Malamay is your total dining experience, with private dining rooms and wedding facilities available as well as a large, fully shaded outdoor area.

Restaurant fully licensed, with an extensive wine list and matching wine tastings. BYO bottled wines only, corkage $15 per bottle.

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